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Harriet Agostinelli
Harriet Agostinelli

Harriet Agostinelli

Harriet Agostinelli is a music teacher of a different sort. If you are an adult above the age of 45 years old, Then Harriet Agostinelli is the kind of teacher that you can remember during the years when you, yourself might have been a student. Music education has changed through the years. The question is if it is getting better, or worse. Or maybe it is not an argument about if it is better or worse; or it just may be different.

I will explain:

In the old days, meaning before the early 1990’s Kindergarten teachers were hired if they had musical experience. A new kinder teacher that was just entering her career during those years would get priority if they knew how to teach using music. You may have remembered back in the 1980’s, it was like every kinder classroom had a piano in it. This piano was used as a valuable tool. To get the kids to sing along with nursery rhymes, learning their ABC’s or even more importantly kinder teachers would play simple chords that were used to create a “call to arms” for the children. Ms. Harriet Agostinelli was no stranger to this. She might play a simple C cord (2X) which may signal to the children that “play-time” was over. Maybe she would play another chord to signal to our cute kinder children to stand up and recite our wonderful pledge of allegiance. Followed with the priceless value of this same teacher playing our “Star Spangled Banner” directly on the piano, located inside of this very classroom. Offering an inside look to these developing minds on how music itself is created.

This would potentially strike interest in our little future citizens of our wonderful nation that we call the United States of America.

However, during the years, this value of music is being lost. No longer are teachers valued if they can play piano in the class room. Instead, children are exposed to synthetic music everywhere they go. Fueled by the music industry to sway the minds of our young ones to find more value in what an artist is wearing instead of what they are playing. Even worse, most of these, so called, famous “artists” are not even musical artists, but models dancing while a recording that was created by a midi computer is played in the background. Reducing the fundamental value that music has to offer. Today, if you ask a 14 year old boy to identify a piano in a recording, they are unable to do so.

So this is why I would like to recognize a teacher of a dying breed. A breed that is still alive in her, yet rapidly dying in our schools today; and soon to be lost.

Ms. Harriet Agostinelli is an Elementary School teacher that has embedded the sounds of music in the minds of potentially 1000s of students through her 40 years of teaching. By:

  • Teaching music
  • Teaching Theater
  • Teaching Song
  • Teaching our little ones how to sing.
  • Using song to teach math
  • Using song to teach English (ABC’s)
  • Performing our National Patriotic songs for our children
  • and much more.

Thank You Ms. Harriet Agostinelli for all that you have done, during the 40 years that you have helped develop the minds of our future generation, by using music education, to do so. If only there was more like you!

If anyone would be interested in hiring her as a private music teacher please let us know, by contacting us, using the contact us form.

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