What is Crazy Hands?

Crazy Hands, is a series of books written by D. Mark Agostinelli.  The books that are in this series, are books that may dedicate to a specific subject such as Flams, Drags, or even Cheeses.  But adds another twist to it by also incorporating crazy hand techniques that are crazy hand patterns to add more of a challenge in learning the drums or percussion.

Instead of playing what you read as R – L – R – L -R – L – R – L – R – L – R – L etc.   It may be like R – L – L – L – R – R – L – L – R – L – R – R etc.

This adds a level of difficulty that challenges the player.  It will do things like force the player to do over-hand and under-hand combinations if it is a drum set book.  Or if it is a snare drum book it will help the player develop a “focus” point; meaning another thing to worry about!  Which is important, because that kind of training is highly needed for a drummer / percussionist.

“Juggling multiple things while playing, is what it’s all about! You need to keep all 4 limbs working and think about 5 – 10 things while playing!  Then be able to make a phone call, eat a pizza, count, read ahead, and then remember to actually breathe at the same time!  That’s how you get good!”   – D. Mark Agostinelli – What he used to say to students.

D. Mark Agostinelli will be coming out with other crazy hand books in the near future.  Come back, and check them out! Also, if you want subscribe to get an email when a new book comes out.

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